Using databases off campus

A great number of students and university staff would like to use the various foreign and Hungarian databases on subscription accessible through the website of the Library, Archives, Museum not only from computers belonging to university IP addresses, but off-campus as well.

This is what you should do if you want to use these sources of data off campus:

  1. Visit the IT Service Center at the A/5 building and ask for a user login and a password.
  2. Set the proxy server in the browser of your off-campus computer.

Once you have a login and a password and have set the proxy server, enter your login after opening the browser. The server will see your off-campus computer as a university IP address, so you will be entitled to use the databases belonging to IP address.

Here are two cases:

Steps to be followed in case of Microsoft Explorer:

Tools menu >>>Internet Options

Link: Connections tab >>>LAN settings

Proxy server>>>Address: >>> Port: 4000


Steps to be followed in case of Mozilla (Firefox):

Tools menu>>>Options

Advanced>>>Network>>>Connections – Settings button >>>Manual Proxy Configuration>>>HTTP- proxy: >>> Port: 4000

For further information please contact the Computer Centre, as you are given the password by them.