The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) of the library contains all the books acquired by the central library and all departments of the university since 1996, and parts of the documents published before 1996. The database is increasing continuously; entered data is immediately accessible for readers. Books still unprocessed can be found with the help of traditional index-card catalogues in the main reading room.

The catalogue is accessible on the PCs in the reading room and also on the Internet. Using the Internet-based catalogue, you cannot only search in our holdings, but with Your Own OPAC menu you can check other data like your personal borrowings, you can make requests or renew the loan period

To reach these functions you have to enter your login name (the barcode of your library ticket/ student’s card) and password (first password: your date of birth in the format –yyyymmdd) on Reader’s login page in the upper right hand part of the page. 

While searching, registered readers can reserve books for themselves. (Click on “Reservation” and the copies of the book will appear. Readers can decide whether they want to reserve a certain copy or any copy will do (the one returned first).

Personal Data
The accuracy of personal data and the validity of registration can be checked here. You can also change your password here.

Borrowings and renewals

Registered readers can check what items they have borrowed and when the items are due. If it complies with the regulations of the library, they can extend the loan period by clicking on the link „Renewal”.


The list of current reservations can be viewed as well. You can check the title /copy of the reserved book, the date and due-date of the book and your number in the reservation list (i.e. how many other reservations there are before yours for the same copy.)


Readers can send messages to the librarian and can see the librarian’s reply. Several topics can be opened and you can see all comments. Typical use for this function: getting information about the operation of the library, request for new books, etc.

If you do not find the document you need in our holdings, you can MAKE A PROPOSAL for acquisition.