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RE: dien bien phu in Vietnam
2020.04.08. 22:29 válaszként erre: Viet Nam.
Although it is not impossible to reach Dien Bien Province by motorbike, tourists are recommended to get there by coach or airplane because it is very far from Hanoi (478km) and also very hard to go due to its mountainous characteristic. For ones who like traveling by coach to enjoy scenery on the way, coach stations in Hanoi like Giap Bat, My Dinh, Gia Lam or Luong Yen offer you high quality coaches with beds at a price varies between 350,000 – 400,000 VND. Spending a double amount of money, travelers would arrive at Dien Bien in only 1 hour by Vietnam Airlines airplanes (see Dien Bien Phu Airport) and do not need to have [url=https://www.hotels-in-vietnam.com/vietnam/vietnam-visa.html]Vietnam visa[/url] to enter.

As a typical mountainous Northwestern area, Dien Bien gains lots of fame for being a venue of wonderful sceneries. If ones go to Dien Bien from Hanoi, Pha Din Pass is promised to be met on your way. The pass is located at the height of 1000m surrounded by an upright cliff in one side and a deep gulf on the other side, with numbers of twists and turns, Pha Din Pass is really a challenge for any drivers. However, if ones take time to stop on this “Frontier of Heaven and Earth” to enjoy its magnificent scenery, it would be an unforgettable memory.
Dien Bien is not lack of natural wonders, among which Pa Thom Cave and Pa Khoang Lake are the most stunning ones&#x3b; each of the sites is named according to the commune it is located. Pa Thom Cave is a primitive cave in which ones may see fascinating formation of stalactites and stalagmites as well as arrangement of stone which all create amazing shapes, for example elephant’s head or giant snake. Similarly, Pa Khoang Lake offer extraordinary view in which ones may witness a diversity of plants, various topography as well as hundred species of floating plants and animals. Sightseeing natural beauty on boat would provide tourists unique experience within mysterious picture covered by mist during spring or light sun and cool wind during summer.

Dien Bien is favored by the Mother Nature with an ideal climate to produce a variety of specialties. Among which, “Nep Nuong” Rice is the most popular one. Raised on stepped patty fields, the special type rice is exclusively available in Dien Bien thanks to its climate together with a logical canal system, which guarantees sufficient amount of water for rice fields at any&#